K-Whopper / Kimball Trail Loop

K-Whopper Trail and Kimball Trail Loop

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: This is a great loop when snow conditions are favorable. KWhopper LoopFrom Barnstead it follows multiple trails to just north of the Epsom traffic circle then returns on the new Kimball Trail established by the Fort Mountain Trail Winders. Dunkin Donuts in Pittsfield, two restaurants and a general store in Chichester, and several restaurants in Epsom are easily accessible from this loop. The trails through Chichester are generally only four feet wide in most areas, but the remainder of the loop has 6 foot trails. The measurement in parentheses is the typical trail width for a specific leg of trail.

LENGTH: 31 miles
DIFFICULTY: moderate (rough if snow base is packed on the 4 foot trails)
ABILITY TO FOLLOW: Moderately well, junction information is adequate in Barnstead and Pittsfield, Chichester has several unsigned junctions or sign information has suffered from Sharpie fade. Epsom signs have some Sharpie fade. The difficult junctions in Chichester can be made navigable using the map from the Bee Hole Beavers at this site: http://www.beeholebeavers.org/trailmap.html . There is only one turn to make in the Ft. Mt. Trail Winders area which is easy to find.
CLUBS ALONG THIS TRIP: Suncook valley Sno-Riders (SVSR), Bee Hole Beavers (BHB), Fort Mountain Trail Winders (FMTW)


1. Starting at the junction of the R28 Trail and Corridor 17 near Bosco Bell Store follow Corridor 17 North (>8ft.) for about 2 miles to the Barton Trail.

2. Turn left onto the Barton Trail (>8ft.) and follow it 2.3 miles to the K-Whopper Trail.

3. Turn left onto the K-whopper Trail (>8ft.) and follow it for 4.7 miles to the junction for the Bee Hole Beavers Trail #3. You will pass the Loudon Ridge Trail junction and the lesser marked Alternate Trail junction while traveling the K-Whopper Trail.

4. Turn right onto the BHB Trail #3 (4ft.) and follow it for 4 miles where you will see a poorly marked junction for a trail to the left. This is a dead end trail that will lead to the Chichester Country Store. Keep straight at this junction to stay on Trail #3 for about 0.3 more miles to the next junction which is for Trail #1 / Primary 360. Junction signs here are all, or mostly faded.

5. Turn left onto Trail #1 / Primary 360 and follow it for roughly 4 miles. In about a half mile of traveling Primary 360 there will be an unmarked junction with an orange arrow pointing right. Do not turn right, but continue straight to stay on Primary 360. Eventually Primary 360 will cross Route 28. Just before the highway crossing there is a trail that will bring you to the local restaurants. Stay on Primary 360 crossing the highway and eventually crossing a suspension bridge over the Suncook River. Here the trail will become about 6 feet wide. Eventually it will meet up with the Kimball Trail junction.

6. Turn left onto the Kimball Trail (>6ft.) and follow it for about 6 miles to the Catamount Trail junction in Pittsfield.

7. Turn left onto the Catamount trail and follow it 7.6 miles to the end where it connects to Corridor 17.

8. Turn left onto Corridor 17 North and travel about a half mile to where you started the loop.