Pancake Hill Loop

Pancake Hill Loop

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: This loop offers a casual ride through many fields in Pittsfield then Pancake Hill Loopover Pancake Hill in Gilmanton before returning on Corridor 17. All the trails are at least eight feet wide and often well groomed. This loop typically receives more snow coverage throughout the season and affords a great ride if other local trails are less favorable. Many deer are frequently seen around the hill.

LENGTH: 17 miles
DIFFICULTY: Easy-Moderate. The climb up Pancake Hill is steady with one sharp turn to watch for. If winter conditions are very icy caution must be used on a steep hill near the Gilmanton/Barnstead town line on Corridor 17 when returning.
ABILITY TO FOLLOW: Moderately well, junction information is adequate along the entire route. Most junctions in Gilmanton have a black and white map posted.
CLUBS ALONG THIS TRIP: Suncook valley Sno-Riders (SVSR), Gilmanton Snowmobile Association (GSA)


1. Starting at the junction of the R28 Trail and Corridor 17 near Bosco Bell Store follow Corridor 17 North for about 2 miles to the Barton Trail.

2. Turn left onto the Barton Trail and follow it 2.3 miles to the Kelley Brook Trail.

3. Continue on the Kelly Brook Trail for 0.5 miles to the Junction of the Rollins Pond Trail.

4. Turn left onto the Rollins Pond Trail and follow the trail for 4 miles to the next junction in Gilmanton. On this leg the trail name changes to Corridor 15 Alternate once you cross NH Route 129. You will also climb up and over Pancake Hill just before the junction.

5. You will want to keep right at the junction to use the un-named trail that will bring you to Corridor 17. Follow this trail for 0.9 miles to where it terminates on Corridor 17.

6. Turn right onto Corridor 17 South and follow it for 7.2 miles to where the trip started from. Caution: In icy conditions travel very slow down the steep hill about 0.3 miles after the hairpin turn in Gilmanton.