October 2017 Newsletter


Its hard to think about the Snowmobile Season when its 85 degrees and humid… but SNOW is coming. The SVSR Club is trying to set up some events but we need your help to do it.

Last month we had the annual MUM SALE! Thank you for all the people that

volunteered their time to make it happen.  Come to the meeting on Wednesday, we will fill you in on its success.

Elections were tabled once again last month. We are looking for a VP, and

Treasurer…. Shirley has been generous enough to keep extending her term however, we can’t keep expecting that of her. So, come on people, someone please take an interest. I’m telling you right now, if I have to do the books….we will be broke in a month ...but I can guarantee, the club will have some cool stuff. Just ask my husband, I’m really good at spending money!

Other items we need to discuss are :

In November—Ham & Bean Supper, Thanksgiving baskets for Food Pantry in Pittsfield & Barnstead, OHRV Safety Class.  Keep in mind if you have a child that is 12 or turning 12 during the season, they should take the OHRV class.

Trails and the work that needs to be done. Possibly set up a few dates for work parties.

Winter Raffle, Poker Run, Town & Country trip


MAPS! If you are interested in advertising your company on our Trail Maps. Please get hold of Brian Lamarsh. He would like to get maps printed in November for the season.

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