March 2018 Newsletter


April 4th:

SVSR Monthly Mtg @7:00pm Barnstead Parade Fire Station

We are getting some reports of Jeeps and Trucks riding on trails and into areas that are off limits to this type of riding. They are not allowed on snowmobile trails at any time. If you know of anyone doing this, ask them to stop and to please respect the landowner and their property.  One response that is being given is “I have permission to ride here”.  If that is the case, they need to have that permission in writing from the landowner and with them at all times and does not allow them to cross other properties to reach that location.

Sadly, the club’s weekend away at the Town & Country Inn in Gorham, NH is now history, but not without some note-able memories.  There was a total of 58 people occupying 19 rooms.  Riding conditions were very good and made us all smile; snow angels were seen outside in the morning next to our building; a giraffe was spotted driving a snowmobile and a zebra was seen in the hallway.  Ron celebrated his birthday with a cake (which everyone ate for him), and a piñata was seen hanging from the ceiling.  Mr. Pizza is always a fun place to eat.  The missing key was turned in and who turned it in is still a mystery.  There was a chair race on the lower ramp and spectators came with their cameras just to take pictures of little “Bacon”.

A thank you to everyone who contributed to Friday’s Pot Luck supper and breakfast both mornings.  And last but not least, we would like to wish Jen Tyrell well in Africa.  We enjoyed viewing your album and hearing where you’ll work and stay for the next 5 years.  Such a wonderful opportunity.   We will be thinking of you.

At the clubs meeting in March, we will need to discuss our plans for 2019.  Do we want to return to the T&C?  Laura will need to do paperwork in advance if we do.

NH Sno-Shakers   Chili Cook Off -  Sat, March 10, 5:00pm – 8:30pm

At the NH Sno-Shakers Clubhouse, Canterbury, NH

Bring down your favorite chili recipe to see if it can compete for the coveted title! Open to the Public. For more information visit:

April will be elections of officers.  Please think about running for office.  We need new blood with new ideas.

Next Club Meeting is Wednesday March 7th at 7:00 pm.

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