December 2017 Newsletter

December 6th:
SVSR Monthly Mtg @7:00pm Barnstead Parade Fire Station

Trail Work Sundays:
8:30am Locations are posted on SVSR Facebook page. Or if you would like to be notified by phone, let Gretchen know at 496-8254

February 9th thru February 11th, 2018
Town & Country Ride In Gorham NH

Trail work parties have commenced. We have been posting the dates/locations/times on our Facebook page. If you are interested in joining the parties but do not have Facebook, you can always call or text Gretchen at 496-8254 to be added to the ‘Call List’.

This is a great opportunity for High School students to gain Community Service Hours. Come volunteer to help clean up the trails you will be enjoying this winter.

Shout Outs: To the Conlin’s who have been cleaning up the KWhopper trail. To the Keeleys for clearing their trails on Catamount after the storm damage. To Danny Lank for clearing and leveling a new reroute of the Barton Trail by Barton Lumber. And to all those coming out on their Sundays make our trails smooth.

Town and Country Ride In is scheduled for Friday Feb 9th through Feb 11th, 2018. This is when the club reserves rooms at the Town and Country Inn Gorham NH. It’s a great weekend to hang out with club members and do a couple days of snowmobiling. If you are interested in going, stop in at a monthly meeting for details. It’s always a lot of fun (with or without snow).

Thank you to those that contributed to the Thanksgiving baskets for Pittsfield and Barnstead. They were greatly appreciated.

The Barnstead Country Store has been bought by a local couple and are hoping to open in December. They did take out the gas pumps so you will not be able to get gas there but rumor has it that they will have a place to get food and sit to eat. Will keep you posted when we know more information.

We received a news letter for the Gilmanton Club. You can get to their trails from ours and they show that you can reach Mt. Mac in Hidden Valley Scout Camp, Brookside Pizza in Belmont, Gilmanton Winery, Ironworks Market, Corner Slice (Formerly Corner Store, Johnsons Dairy Bar in New Durham and Patrick’s Pub in Gilford. So it looks like there is quite a few places to venture out to for a day of riding with food along the way.

Gilmanton is also having a Harvest Supper on Dec. 2nd at the Gilmanton Elementary School from 5 - 7 pm. Adults $7, kids 6 - 12 $5.00 and kids under 6 free. A mystery auction will follow supper.

Don’t forget to attend the club meeting Wed. Dec 6th at 7pm

Happy Holidays! Bring on the Snow!!

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