Barnstead/Pittsfield November Newsletter 2019

The SVSR safety course has come and gone, and was well attended with 17 participants along with some parents.  Joe Hough with the help of Paul Locke reported that all passed.  A “Thank You” to both instructors for the time spent preparing for the class as well as instructing the class.  And “Thank You” Gretchen Wolfe for picking up the pizzas and delivering them to the kids at lunchtime. 

Our Ham & Bean Dinner went off without a hitch.  This year we added in a Silent Auction as well as still having our 3 turkey door prizes.  The turkey winners were Abby Hough, Laura Foss & Ashley Turcott.   Winners and donators of the Silent Auction are as follows and we “thank you” all:

Boot Dryer/Osborne Agway  Bruce Tibbett         

Bee House/Osborne Agway   Jen Tyrell      

SVSR Club Membership        Jeff Audet           

Main Street Grill Gift Cert.    Joan Tyrell      

$25.00 DD Gift Card   Matthew St. George          

Hat & Mittens/Agway Madision St. George

SVSR Sweatshirt/ Club   The Weavers

Oil Plugs, Gloves, Stablizer/Sanels    Wayne Gadwah

Socket Set, Plugs, Gloves     Wayne Gadwah

Shovel & Sweatshirt/Osborne Agway & Club   Bruce Tibbets

Bag Clips/ Osborne Agway    Laura Foss

Our bean makers were:  Gretchen Wolfe, Arnie Hayes, Linda Freese, Laura Foss and Vicki St. George.  The set-up crew, the cooks, the servers and the clean-up staff were:  Jen Hodgdon, Eric Waterhouse, Cody Hodgdon, Drew Nickerson, Donna Keeley, Jen Tyrell, Linda Munn, Dawn Emerson, Matt St. George and Gretchen Wolfe.  And to all of you who donated desserts, the table was impressive and overflowing with lots of sweets.  So delicious!  A “Thank You” everyone!

The Club’s Town & Country Weekend has been changed to the weekend of February 21st & 22nd 2020.  So if you’re planning on attending you need to let Laura know at 435-8729, or [email protected] so she can reserve a room for you. 

A CLUB MEMBERSHIP:  As the club’s website is not working at this time and if you would like to join our club you can go into NHSA’s website at and scroll down to “Join a NH Snowmobile Club” and click on “Join Now” and follow the instructions.  Also, you may walk into Arnie’s Auto Repair during business hours  located at 6 Cedar Lane, Barnstead, NH  03225, or mail your membership to Jenn Hodgdon, 18 Loudon Road, Pittsfield, NH  03263, and she will mail you your membership number that you need in order to receive a discount when registering.  

Our next snowmobile meeting is Wednesday, December 4th at 7:00 p.m at the Barnstead Parade Fire Station.  Paul Locke has volunteered to bring goodies for after the meeting. Thank you Paul!

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