August 2018 Newsletter

At the Club’s April 4th Last Meeting of the Season

At this meeting the club received a letter of resignation from the Club’s President, Bob Rivers.  It was read to all members present.  The club will send Bob a “Thank You” letter for his years of service.

Normally, the club holds its election of officers at its April meeting, but because the Vice President’s positions has been vacant for two years and now with the resignation of the President. A Board of Directors meeting was called to discuss the vacancies, etc.  A May 2nd date was picked for the BODs meeting.

Notes from Board of Directors Meeting on May 2, 2018

After a discussion of  Bob Rivers resignation the Board Members and Officers elected Matt St. George as Acting President (which he accepted) and Joe Hough as Acting Vice President (which he also accepted).  We thank them both for stepping forward and taking on these positions.

Now because both Matt & Joe were originally on the Board of Directors their old  positions on the BOD are now up for grabs.  So if you’re someone interested on being on the Board for two years, please let any Officer or Board member know as soon as possible.

SVSR Elected Official For 2018/2019

Matt St. George—Acting President

Joe Hough—Acting Vice President

Shirley Hayes—Treasurer

Gretchen Wolfe –Secretary

Trail Master:  Andy Osborne

Trail Administer:  Scott Roberts


Volunteer Positions

Signs & Maps:  Brian LaMarsh

Memberships:  Jenn Flanders

Newsletter:  Laura Foss


Board of Directors

For 2018/2010 Season

(are held for 2 years)

Matt St. George

Joe Hough

Shirley Hayes

Gretchen Wolfe

Bob Lamere

Brian LaMarsh

Laura Foss


Two Vacancies Still Exists

Annual Mum Sale

The club’s Annual Mum Sale will take place the weekend of Saturday, September 15th & Sunday, September 16th and will be held near the junction of Route 28 and Upper City Road in Pittsfield. Watch for signs on Rte. 28.

We are looking for help to run this event.  We will have a sign-up sheet at our September 5th meeting if you are there.  If not, see any of our officers who will pass the information on to those who are heading up the event.  WE NEED HELP!

A Donation in Memory of Kenny Piaseczny

The club recently received a $500 donation from Don Tyler in Kenny’s memory.

Tina and the SVSRs express  a sincere “Thank You” to Don for his generous donation.

Some ideas were bounced around at the Board’s May Meeting on what to do with  Kenny’s donation. Some felt more time was needed to decide.  This was tabled for later.


Balloon Rally "Touch a Truck"

Our club was asked if we wanted to participate in the Rotary’s “Touch a Truck” at the Balloon Rally on Saturday, August 4th from 9 a.m. to 12 noon.  Our Acting President, Matt St. George made it all happen along with the help from a few volunteers.

Despite a very rainy morning Matt transported the club’s 2002 Tucker (groomer) to the boat launch in Pittsfield to be placed on display.  The club had an E-Z up tent set up to help members stand out of the rain.  The night before Madison St. George made up a collage of arranged pictures to show everyone some history of the club’s previous events along with some snowmobile trips that had been done over the years.  Good job Madison!  And a thank you to those who helped move the groomer to and from the event.  And to the ones who stood under the tent and answered questions that anyone had.  Many small youngsters were helped up into the groomer to see and hear what it was all about.


Our First Meeting of the Season

…..will take place on Wednesday, September 5th at the Barnstead Parade Fire Station starting a 7:00 p.m.  Come on out snowmobile fans and show your support by coming to our meetings!!!!!  We need you there to help the club make decisions, etc. !!!!!!!!!

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