April 2018 Newsletter


April 4th: SVSR Monthly Mtg @7:00pm Barnstead Parade Fire Station


Election of Officers

This is the time of year to elect officers.  We need people to please help out.  If we do not have a full staff of officers, it is left to just a few to do most of the work. These people get burnt out and need your support.


Trail Closed – Powder Mill Snowmobile Club

UPDATE: COR 22 FROM JOHNSONS RESTAURANT TO ALTON IS CLOSED DUE TO OFF TRAIL RIDING. This is the New Durham town pit, off Stockbridge Corner Rd. This section of Cor 22 might be closed indefinitely due to people riding over saplings that were planted in this area. If you know of anyone who might be responsible for this please let us or F&G know, could prevent this trail from being closed permanently

Brian Lamarsh from the SVSR responded – “We need to start a SHAME campaign. Publicize the issue - newspapers, postings at every trail junction. If we catch their image in the act then post the picture big at every possible place directly implicating them of SHUTTING DOWN OUR TRAILS ON US! This is a case where the only way to stop it is to make them know how guilty they really are. How about encouraging the many loyal riders to step up and readily report EVERY fraction of trespassing? Game warden and police phone numbers posted at every junction to make it easier. How about a billboard as you enter every different club territory showing how many trails have shut down and why, how much volunteer labor and money was spent on the latest reroutes. Lost club bridges, new bridges needed, new excavation expenses, past excavation expenses lost on trails used only a season or two before shutting down. Really, what else will stop or even slow down the degradation of our trails we work so hard to keep open for the public?   What we are dealing with is quite the same as when an outlaw gang takes over an urban neighborhood.  It takes the entire community to push back and stop the degradation of their neighborhood.”

Our club is currently working with a landowner that is talking about closing his trail due to snowmobiles running though his blueberry fields.   This is a major piece of the trail system.  Riders need to respect the landowner.  Some of this property is their livelihood.  If their crops or fields get ruined, they have lost income.  Think of these properties as your own and how would you like someone ruining what you have worked hard at developing.


2018 – 2019 Wheeled Vehicle Registration Fee Change

The fee for annual and 14-month wheeled vehicle registrations will increase by $30.00 for individuals who are not a member of a New Hampshire Off Highway Recreation Vehicle (OHRV) club.  To receive the discounted member rate, individuals must show at the time of registration, valid proof of membership for the corresponding registration year to a NH wheeled vehicle club (not SVSR) that is a member club of the NH Off Highway Vehicle Association (NHOHVA).    Total $57.00 (club member) or $87.00 (non-club member).

A friendly reminded – Wheeled Vehicles are not allowed on snowmobile trails unless so designated that wheeled vehicles can use the trail. When there’s no snow on the ground, the trails are off limit.  Written landowner permission is required to cross any property.

Next Club Meeting is Wednesday September 5th at 7:00 pm.



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