November 2017 Newsletter

NOVEMBER 2017 Newsletter


November 1st

SVSR Monthly Mtg @7:00pm Barnstead Parade Fire Station


November 11th

17th Annual Ham & Bean Supper @ 5:00pm-7:00pm Barnstead Parade Fire Station

OHRV Snowmobile Safety Course @ 8:00am-3:00p Barnstead Parade Fire Station


February 9th thru February 11th, 2018

Town & Country Ride In

OHRV Snowmobile Safety Course: November 11 8:00am-3:00pm at 305 Parade Rd

Barnstead NH 03218. Students must be 12 years old by the end of the riding season, parents are encouraged to attend. Lunch will be provided. Parents must pre-register their children. Price of the course is FREE!  Contact Joe Hough at 603-608-6977

17th Annual Ham & Bean Supper will be November 11th from 5:00pm-7:00pm at Barnstead Parade Fire Station 305 Parade Rd Barnstead NH 03218. This is open to the public to attend. It is also an appreciation meal saying “Thank you” to our landowners who allow us the use of their property for our snowmobiling pleasure.

The meal consists of different types of beans, which are donated by club members. Also, spiral ham, mashed potatoes, cole slaw, rolls, drinks and lots of donated desserts too. Volunteers are needed to contribute beans, or make desserts, these items can be dropped off at the station after 3:00pm November 11th. Also needed are people to help out by setting up, cooking, or clean up. If you are available please contact Laura Foss either through our facebook page or calling her at 435-8729, leave a message.

Town and Country Ride In is scheduled for Friday Feb 9th through Feb 11th, 2018. This is when the club reserves rooms at the Town and Country Inn in Gorham NH. It’s a great weekend to hang out with club members and do a couple days of snowmobiling. If you are interested in going, stop in at a monthly meeting for details. It’s always a lot of fun (with or without snow).

Helping those in need: The SVSR will be making THANKSGIVING Baskets to donate to the food pantries in Barnstead and Pittsfield. We are asking members to donate items for the Thanksgiving dinner baskets (ie: stuffing, instant potatoes, corn, squash, cranberry, gift cards for turkey/ham etc.). Bring donations to the November meeting, or send with someone going… or text Gretchen 496-8254 to arrange pick up.

We are looking for businesses to advertise on our Trail Maps. $25 for a business card spot, this will appear on our trail maps for the 2017/18 & 2018/19 season (2 years of advertising). If interested, please get in touch with Brian Lamarsh at

Trail work will be starting soon and volunteers are needed. We are in the process of coming up with a game plan how best to alert people of the dates/times/areas that the club will be working on. Until that plan is finalized, keep an eye on our Facebook page. Or text your name and cell number to Gretchen at 496-8254 to receive group texts of weekend work    parties.

Wondering how to reach us? There are several different ways:

Mail: Suncook Valley Snoriders 6 Cedar Dr. Ctr. Barnstead NH  03225

For those with Facebook account: ‘like’ and join the Suncook Valley Snoriders page.

Member Gretchen Wolfe - Secretary 603-496-8254

Farmers Almanac is predicting a Snowy Winter… lets hope its true!

What do you get when you cross a snowman with a shark? … Frost bite!

Why do New Englanders wash their clothes In Tide? … because its too cold Out-Tide 🙂

Hope to see everyone at the November meeting… if you have ideas or something to add to the newsletter, let me know:  Gretchen at 603-496-8254 or


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