Ham & Bean Dinner


Ham & Bean Dinner 2015 Date: TBA

Our annual Ham & Bean Dinner is not just a club fundraiser but more importantly its a way of saying "Thank You" to the 125+ landowners that make the SVSR trail system possible. The Suncook Valley Sno Riders maintains over 50 miles of trails in the Barnstead and Pittsfield region, most of the land used for this trail system is privately owned by generous landowners.

The Ham & Bean Dinner is free for all landowners that have opened their property for snowmobile riders. We also encourage the public to attend to help support the club.

The Ham & Bean Dinner is held at The Barnstead Parade Fire Station every November, usually on the same day as the OHRV Safety Course.

Prices are $8.00 for adults, $4.50 for kids 6-12 and under 6 is free. Major credit cards accepted! We will have club stickers, sweatshirts, raffle tickets, trail maps, and club memberships also on sale! Your dinner purchase also enters you into our Turkey Drawing! Come for the ham and beans and maybe you'll leave with a free turkey!