At the SVSR meetings you can listen to and vote on important issues that affect our organization, equipment, trails, fundraising and events. As a member you are entitled to one vote. You can also bring up new issues for the club to discuss. If the issues are lengthy the members may vote to table the issue to the next meeting. For this reason it may be best to inform the president of the club of any issues prior to the meeting so they can be added to the agenda. This will usually allow a bit more time for discussion. Meetings are scheduled for 2 hours, from 7pm-9pm but we do try to keep the meetings shorter if at all possible. At times the meetings can go longer if we have big decisions or a lot going on.

When you attend the meeting please be courteous to the other members and officers of the club. We sometimes do have our differences but we handle these differences in a professional and friendly manner.

We strongly encourage all members to attend the monthly meetings.

Meetings are held at 7:00pm-9:00pm on the first Wednesday of every month from September through April at the Barnstead Parade Fire Station in Barnstead.